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Welcome to our page dedicated to the top full sets of catchers equipment available. Complete sets provide you with everything you need to get behind the plate as quickly as possible. You no longer have to worry about having mismatched equipment! The other great thing about full sets of equipment is that most retailers provide a discount over purchasing each piece of equipment individually. Most sets typically consist of a chest protector, leg guards, helmet and can come with other accessories like bags and knee savers.

More Sets by Brand

Although we have only looked at the top sets for 2015, there are many other available that may suit your needs even more. Each of these have been reviews on the separate product pages that we have. Please click on any of the links below to view more full sets and what we thought of each.

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Set Reviews

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Best Set for Adults – Easton Rival

I chose this catcher’s gear set at first because of the reversible option but once I received it my expectations were exceeded. What is great about the Easton Rival series is that I can use it for both my home and road games. I like to think switching the color gives me a mental advantage but after wearing this gear during a game I know it gives me a physical advantage too.

This gear is lightweight yet durable. It adjusts to fit as well as my mitt. It doesn’t interfere with my movements or abilities. I feel like I am wearing no gear until I get hit with a ball and it doesn’t hurt, then I am reminded that I am in fact wearing gear. I think the fact that it is designed to be reversible actually helps it’s movability. It bends both ways so it does not restrict at all.

The hockey style helmet allows for great visibility. This helmet style is so much better then when I started catching and the inside of the face gear part of the helmet seemed like a leather covered butt cushion. I think hockey style helmets are the future for catchers. This is a great purchase for the price.

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For Youth Players – Easton Natural

This is one of the better catchers gear sets i’ve tried. The helmet actually breathes! I have caught for numerous years and hate the sweaty face ring but the helmet in this set has amazing ventilation.

All of the gear is lightweight without forgoing protection. It is durable yet lightweight not to mention comfortable. I am pretty sure I could do some flips and cartwheels while wearing all this gear. It also adjusts in all the right spots to form a perfect fit. The top of the foot pads are optional so they come off if you want but they are easy to put back on. I usually don’t wear them unless my foot is already sore (I swear people intentionally step on my feet sometimes) and these optional pads add just that little extra to make me more confident in my abilities. One of the least expensive sets available, you are not going to find this much quality in a whole set for this price.
I beat up on all my gear and this gear takes my beating and just keeps on protecting me. I am going to stick with Easton for years to come. Oh and it has a bag that all of the gear actually fits in.

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Top set for Intermediate players – Mizuno Samurai G4

I love everything about the Mizuno G4 Samurai set. Between the weird fabric in the helmet and all the little vents this is the driest my head has ever been inside a helmet. This is also the first helmet I have ever worn that I felt like someone actually put on while designing it because none of the crossbars are in a weird place causing a blind spot.

The chest plate is also pretty sweet. It has removable pads on the shoulders, wings and neck which make it adjustable to your personal comfort. It is also made of a material that makes me feel like the ball just drops if it makes it past my mitt to my pad. The ball doesn’t bounce off or roll away it just hits me and then falls directly down to the ground making for easier plays.

I am not sure what the material is inside of the leg pads but it is awesome. It forms right to my legs, it’s almost like there is memory foam in there. You really can’t beat leg pads that form to your leg almost instantly. These pads are ideal for any serious catcher who enjoys being protected without being restricted. This gear is awesome and I do believe I am now a lifetime fan.

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Benefits of Full Sets

Being the catcher of the team, you are faced with lots of challenges as well as risks opening yourself up to possible injury. By wearing full sets of catchers gear, you will more likely to be spared from injuries and accidents that may come along the way. There are many different benefits a catcher (or parent) will find when deciding between purchasing full sets or purchasing each piece individually. These include:

  • Less expensive
  • Equipment is the same color
  • More convenient (no need to look for all different pieces)
  • More incentives offered by merchants

Well there you have it. We hope you have enjoyed our top choices of catchers gear sets for adult, intermediate and youth players. If you have any suggestions for new sets for us to look at, please let us know.