Catchers Mitts

Welcome to our section devoted to the best Catchers Mitts available. Just like all other players on the field, a catcher is also required to wear a glove. However, instead of calling it a glove, the catcher uses a mitt instead. The catcher’s glove is called a mitt as it does not contain individual finger components that you find in regular baseball gloves. The mitt is specially designed to trap the ball and meet the demands of having to catch a ball numerous times in the span of a game. It also includes extra protection and a unique shape that helps a pitcher see an bigger and easier target to throw the ball. This page is dedicated to our reviews of the different and best mitts available for catchers (adult and youth) to purchase.

Best Adult and Youth Mitts for 2016

We often get asked what the top catchers mitts are right now. For the year 2016, there are 4 main models that stand out the most including the Mizuno Prospect series (youth), the Mizuno World Win GXC75 (Adult), the Wilson A2000 (Adult), and the Akadema AGC98 (youth) series.

Wilson A2000Akadema AGC98Mizuno Prospect GXC112Miuno World Win GXC75
Review (/5)
Size (inches)333231.534
Meant ForAdultYouthYouthAdult
BackClosedConventional OpenConventional OpenClosed
WebHalf MoonFully ClosedTwo piece ClosedTwo piece Closed
LeatherPro StockAkademaLyteN/ARetro
Additional FeaturesExtended Palm
Wrist lining
Double sided padding
Praying Mantis design
PowerClose technology
Soft lining
Game ready
Parashock technology

The Prospect series itself is the most sold so far as it is one of the least expensive mitts around and offers youth players quite a bit of extra features. The Gold Glove Gamer and the A2403 (coming from the A2000) family have been staples in the industry for years and years. The A2000 itself is ideal for competitive catchers as it features MLB’s most popular catchers mitt pattern. That being said, it is expensive and as mentioned earlier should normally only be needed by competitive catchers.

Other Catchers Mitts we review

There are many different brands of mitts available as you can see in the table below. When it comes to our top choices, we believe that the Wilson and Rawlings mitts are the best.

catchers mitts
all star catchers mitt
All Star

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Tips for Purchasing a Mitt

There are several items you should consider when looking for a brand new glove including:

  • Budget – Like most other equipment, the price range of a mitt varies tremendously. Catchers Mitts can be had for as low as $30 and can go up to $300 for the really specialized gloves.
  • Single vs Dual hinge – many players prefer a dual hinge as the mitt feels much closer to mimicking the actual hand
  • Size – Youth catchers mitts typically is sized around 32 inches. Sizes of mitts can go all the way to 34.5″ for larger hands. Please see how to size a mitt below.
  • Brand – some brands of gloves are much better than others. We provide our favourite choices below
  • Baseball or softball – specific exist to make female players feel much more comfortable. Narrower finger stalls and openings allow for female players to have just as much success.

Sizing Considerations

As opposed to regular baseball gloves, catchers mitts are sized by the circumference length and not the length of the hand. If you already know your glove size, calculating the circumference you need is very easy. First, subtract the length of a regular sized glove that you’d wear from 12.5 (the largest glove size). Next take this number and subtract it from the largest catchers mitt size of 34.5. This resulting number is the proper size for you. Typically a younger catcher will need a size of 31 to 32 inches, where an adult level catcher will range from 33 to 34 inches. With the amount of pitches thrown in a full game of baseball, catchers mitts become one of the most important pieces equipment for a catcher.