All Star Catchers mitts

On this page we review the most popular All Star catchers mitts available for both adult and youth players. The All Star company prides themselves in offering high quality and innovative equipment for all types of athletes including catchers. This gear is one of the most popular among players young and old and is even used by many top level collegiate and pro players. This pages features what we feel are the best All Star catchers mitts available. We have ranked who we feel are the beneficiaries of each mitt and have provided a quick review for convenience.

1 – All Star CM3200SBT Catchers Mitt

One of the biggest drawbacks of the CM3000 models described above is that they are not cheap. Although they will last many years, the average adult catcher is simply not interested in spending that kind of money on a mitt. That is where the All Star CM32000SBT comes in.

Priced at under $80, the CM32000SBT is the most common version that you will find used by many catchers. Made from premium tanned cowhide, the CM32000SBT has been known to provide a tremendous amount of comfort and leave very little moisture throughout a full game. Many catchers really enjoy the look this glove provides as well. With the nice light tan color and the regular colored index finger, many catchers claim that the glove is easier to see and looks much better than others they have used.

2 – All Star CM3000SBT

Adult or competitive catcher’s looking for edge should consider looking into the CM3000 series. The CM3000SBT (and other models in the same line) is the premier offering by All-Star and is made from top of the line Japanese steer-hide leather.

Most gloves made today are made by machines meaning that many can be produced at once. What sets the CM3000SBT apart from the other is that it is handmade so you know you are always getting a well constructed and cared for piece of equipment. This is extremely rare!

One of the most unique sounds you’ll hear in a baseball game is the noise made when the pitch reaches the catchers mitt. To set this glove apart from the others, All Star has made it so it provides a little more of a popping noise than your average glove. The pitchers throwing to you will be extremely happy about this. This glove offers catchers with a really quick break in time as well meaning you can pick it up and use it the very next day with minimal time. Finally, the full leather back provides just enough support and durability to make it a true winner. The CM3000SBT will make you a very happy catcher!

  • Models: CM3000SBT (32.5 inch), CM3000BT (35 inch), and CM3000XSBT (32 inch)

3 – CM1010BT Youth Mitt

One of the best mitts for youth players, the All Star CM1010BT is one of the least expensive youth gloves on the market, but still provides a great amount of quality features.

The CM1010BT catcher’s mitt is one of the best youth level catchers mitts around. Although the glove is designed with the young player in mind, it still looks the exact same as the high level ones that professional and semi-professional catchers use. Featuring a Velcro closure, this 31.5″ inch mitt helps teach the young player perfect technique when trapping a baseball. It is great for the pitcher as well as it provides an easy to see pocket for throwing strikes. For $37.99, there are very few youth sized models available that come this loaded. With it’s low price and advanced features, it perfect for both recreational and competitive youth players.