Welcome to OutAtThePlate.com! Our brand new site has one main goal in mind: to find you the best catchers equipment possible. To do this we have looked into all of the top brands available and have provided reviews on our top choices. After all if you want to be at the top of your game, there is nothing better than a great fitting, comfortable, and high performing set of equipment. However, no two catchers are exactly alike and therefore not all equipment works for everyone. For instance, a competitive college player has much different needs than a catcher playing in his/her first season.

Best Gear for 2016

There much to like in regards to the different equipment a catcher can purchase in 2016. As you know in changes in baseball equipment are frequent! Whether that be because of new rules, or new innovations companies are constantly creating the newest and best pieces for catchers. What type of catcher are you? Below are our top choices for this year.

Easton Mako
All Star Pro
Easton M7
Easton Mako
All Star Pro
Easton M7

Brands to Choose

Want to see the best equipment from all of the different brands available? We look at all of the popular brands for the baseball catcher including:

  • All Star
  • Easton
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Mizuno
  • Nike
  • Rawlings
  • Under Armour
  • Wilson

Our reviews

Instead of searching by brand, you may be interested in a specific type of equipment instead. Our site is also broken down into these specific areas as well to make your search easier. The table below features all of the other breakdowns you’ll find on this site.

Chest Protectors
Leg Guards
Catchers Masks
Catchers Mitts
Full Sets
Youth Sized Gear
Softball Gear

Easton Mako

Easton Mako: Once again another one of our top picks for the 2016 is the ever popular Easton Mako series. This gear is made by one of the best brands when it comes to baseball equipment and is promised to be the best series they have ever produced. As the position of catcher required a large amount of athleticism, the Mako series has been designed to be more lightweight and higher performing than its predecessors.

  • Optimize Pop-time
  • Better balance

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Some of the quick features included in the set are:

  • The Mako helmet is quite neat as its helmet has a rear cap that is designed for high speed removal. Fully approved by NOCSAE, it all features 18 vents to keep you cool all game long
  • With a nice snug feeling, the Easton Mako leg guards will make you forget that you are even wearing them! With a new knee cap, you’ll be fully protected at all times
  • The Mako chest protector provides an incredible amount of mobility with its form fitting design. No longer will you ever have to worry about the chest protector getting in the way of your throws

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All Star Pro

catching gearAll Star Pro Custom Series: For competitive adult level catchers, the new All Star Pro Custom series offers everything you will ever need. Despite being one of the lightest sets around, it still offers the most advanced protection and custom size systems around.

  • Advanced set perfect for competitive players
  • Lightest chest protector made by All Star

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With advanced features like wraparound sides in the chest protector and perfectly shaped leg guards, you will quickly take your game to the next level in no time at all. This sets includes the following equipment:

  • CP30PRO Chest – The lightest of its kind ever offered by All Star at 22.4 oz. One of the neater features of the CP30PRO is the wedged shape in the front that absolutely deadens balls upon impact.
  • LG30WPRO Legs – Increased shin protection and better ventilation are two of the “better” features that you will notice in these leg guards.
  • MVP2500 Helmet – For catchers looking to combine protection & comfort, there is no better helmet than the MVP2500. With one of the sturdiest shells in the business, you will never have to worry about damage to your head area.

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Louisville Series 5 & Series 7

baseball catcherLouisville Slugger Series 5 & 7: The Louisville Slugger Seires 5 (for youth and intermediate sizes), and Series 7 (for adults) pack a lot of bang for your buck. A well rounded set of gear – it can be used by all levels from beginner to advanced with the same expectations of longevity, toughness, and mobility.

  • Top of the line intermediate set
  • Lightweight and tough

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Although these sets have a lower price tag than the average set you don’t have to worry about any sacrifices made to the quality of the product. Louisville (and especially the Slugger brand) has been around for years and is every evolving. This latest line is known for a great combination of all the things catcher’s gear needs. For more details on each individual piece:

  • Series 5/7 Chest: The chest protector in this set is built with high density foam for increased protection. It uses a precision pad design for a great fit to surround your full chest and body.
  • Leg Guards: Includes a double knee design to allow you to move around easier but keep you fully protected around the ever important knee and shin areas. Some of the more advanced catchers sets (like some of the ones reviewed earlier) include a triple knee design for more mobility. Most catchers will be fine with a double knee design like those offered by the Series 5 and Series 7.
  • Helmet: Fully NOCSAE approved, this helmet has a nice smooth glossy finish on the exterior to make you look incredibly sharp behind the plate. But as you know looks aren’t everything. This helmet also includes a moisture controlling chin pad so that sweat during the game does not get noticed.

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Under Armour Victory Series

catchers gearUnder Armour Victory Series: Better known as the “protect this house” series, the Under Armour Victory series is perfect for those catchers beginning to develop their skill set. Under Armour is an incredibly popular company that has been known to create some of the most innovative and high quality products spanning numerous sports. This line of catcher’s gear is perfect as you receive the great backing from a strong company without breaking the bank on some of the more expensive sets that are out there.

  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate
  • Lightweight helmet

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Using advanced protection in the chest, leg, and helmet areas, the Under Armour Victory Series often ranks as one of the top sets year in and year out. Some quick features:

  • Lightweight chest protector that keeps you cool during the game. Comes with a full over the shoulder harness and a Velcro shoulder cap for a more customized fit
  • Leg guards made with impact resistant ABS plastic, and a double knee design for more efficient mobility and proection
  • Hockey style helmet that is highly adjustable to ensure a great fit around your head. Also uses an I-Bar mask for increased field vision

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Best value – Easton M7

catchers gear reviewsEaston M7: If you are looking to stretch your hard earned money but don’t want to sacrifice quality then the Easton M7 series might be exactly what you need. Most sets of gear (especially those from the top brands) will be at least $200, but the M7 has a very comfortable price range of $130 to $150 depending on size (i.e. youth to adult). Based on the Easton brand, the high quality material used to make the equipment, and the price point, we feel that the M7 series would be perfect for any non-competitive level catcher.

  • Inexpensive
  • Great brand name

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The following list describes some of the main feature for each piece of the set:

  • Chest Protector: The M7 chest protector features numerous layers of highly protective, comforable foam with specific ventilation holes to keep you cool throughout the entire game. The primary benefit of this chest protector is its ability to control rebounds.
  • Leg Guards: One of the more useful features within the leg guards found in the M7 series are the memory foam inserts inside the knee. Not only does this memory foam help to protect the catcher even more, but it provides a more custom fit tailored to the knee shape of the individual player.
  • Helmet: The last piece of the M7 series is the NOCSAE approved helmet. Where we feel this helmet is better than some of the others is in the snug fit it provides. The main goal of the helmet is to stay close to you and move with your head. If you’ve ever worn a “loose” fitting helmet, you’ll know what a great feature this is.

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Catching Gear Reviews

Our reviews of the best catchers gear look at the following main characteristics of catcher’s equipment:

  • Protection – It goes without saying that the most important feature of any equipment is how well it protects you.
  • Durability – This equipment is unfortunately not cheap. Therefore a catcher needs equipment that will get them through more than a season.
  • Comfort – Sitting in the crouch position for a full game isn’t very comfortable. We look at any additional features added to provide more comfort to the catcher.

What do the pro’s wear?

Another common question that is asked is what gear do the pro’s wear? Here are some of the top catchers that are currently playing in the big leagues and what they wear:

  • Matt Wieters – Under Armour
  • Russell Martin – Nike
  • AJ Pierzynski – Nike
  • Joe Mauer – Nike
  • Jesus Montero – Under Armour
  • Ivan Rodriguez – Wilson
  • Brian McCann – Mizuno
  • Yadier Molina – Rawlings
  • Buster Posey – Under Armour
  • JP Arencibia – Easton
  • Carlos Santana – Louisville TPX

The position of catcher is one of the most interesting in not only baseball but in any other sport found in the world. Although often compared to a hockey goalie, this position has many more responsibilities or duties than any position played in other sports. The primary role is obviously to catch the ball thrown by the pitcher. But the amount of micro-managing that is performed game in game out far exceeds the responsibilities of other positions. Some of the best that play often assist managers with player positioning on the field, and always remain focused on what opposing runners are doing on the base paths. It’s always a joy to watch the pros and how well they handle everything at once. Check out this video to see even more!

We hope you find exactly what you are looking for on our website dedicated to the top equipment available. Should you need any additional information of are looking for a specific piece of catchers gear, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.